Welcome to KernelCI


Ensuring the quality, stability and long-term maintenance of the Linux kernel

KernelCI is a community-led test system focused on the upstream Linux kernel. It follows the open testing philosophy to enable the same collaboration to happen with testing as open source does to the code itself.


See the latest KernelCI test results.

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The KernelCI code is all on GitHub.

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Common Reporting with KCIDB

KCIDB is a common database and a set of tools to collect all the Linux kernel test results.

This includes tests run natively by KernelCI, but also Red Hat's CKI, Google's syzbot and many others.

KCIDB Dashboard (β)

The prototype KCIDB dashboard shows all the results currently being collected.

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The KCIDB code is all available on GitHub.

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Contribute data

How to get started with submitting your own Linux kernel test results to KCIDB.

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The success of the KernelCI project will be driven by contributions from our developer community and organizations joining as members.

Learn how your organization can contribute to the project now.

Organizations interested in joining KernelCI, can send us an email.