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UX Research for the new Web Dashboard

By December 4, 2023June 7th, 2024Blog, Community, News

Following the UX Analysis RFP we shared a few months ago, we’re now delighted to announce that the KernelCI Advisory Board has accepted a proposal. First of all, we’re grateful to have received such a series of high-quality proposals. Many thanks once again to all the submitters for your interest in the project.

After carefully considering all the options with the board and some TSC members, the vote came out in favour of ProFUSION. Congratulations! We’re looking forward to the next milestones, in fact the work has already started.


The UX Analysis project is broken down into three milestones with four weeks assigned to each, so a total of twelve weeks. Some breaks will also be scheduled during this time so the calendar end date is likely to be in March 2024.

M1: Result of interviews

Some interviews will be carried out with various stakeholders to help refine user stories and start modelling the user experience and some design aspects.

M2: First UX design proposal

A first interactive prototype will then be created and made available for members of the public to evaluate and provide feedback.

M3: Final UX design proposal

Based on the feedback and outcome of the first two milestones, the last part is about creating high-level specifications of the web dashboard design suitable for the implementation phase.