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Exciting KernelCI TSC updates

By April 2, 2024July 9th, 2024Blog, Community, News

During our last TSC meeting, on March 14th, we had two votes that brought new winds to our community:

Shuah Khan joins the TSC

Shuah, Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation, has been elected a new member of the TSC. We believe Shuah’s experience will help the KernelCI project expand its kernel community engagement efforts, taking testing and CI to more parts of the upstream kernel. Welcome, Shuah!

Nikolai Kondrashov elected as the new TSC Chair

Nikolai has been a longstanding contributor under the KernelCI umbrella and the person behind KCIDB. At Red Hat he also contributes to kernel integration technology. His knowledge around the problems KernelCI needs to solve will help the project greatly. His role will be effective on April 1st. All the best to Nikolai in his new role!

While at it, we thank Guillaume for his tenure as TSC Chair of the project!

The detail of the motions which were voted can be found on the TSC documentation.